How To Book of the Mass by Michael Dubruiel

How To Book of the Mass by Michael Dubruiel

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Everything you need to know but no one ever taught you
By Michael Dubruiel
Softcover / 272pp

This Catholic book is a great beginner's guide to understanding the whys and hows of the Catholic Mass. What is going on? What does that symbol mean? What should I be doing now? These questions and more are answered in easy to understand language. Get more out of your experience with the mass. Place into the cart or wish list above.

In this complete guide to the celebration of the Eucharist you get: step-by-step guidelines to walk you through the Mass explanations of the various parts of the Mass Biblical backgrounds of the prayers used at the Mass insights from the tradition and teachings of the Church practical aids to overcoming distractions concrete ways to grow in your relationship with Our Lord at every Mass!