How to Win an Argument without Losing a Soul DVD

How to Win an Argument without Losing a Soul DVD

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By Matt Fradd
Running Time: 60 minutes

Whether youre arguing with family members or Facebook friends, skeptical co-workers in the office or pushy proselytizers at your front door, it helps to have not only the facts but the skills for presenting your points forcefully and well.

And just as important is your demeanor. For its all too easy to beat someone over the head with flawless logicand turn him off to the truths youre trying to share.

In this informative DVD, Matt Fradd equips you with the powers of argumentation you need to be an effective debater and the right attitude for doing it with charity, humility, and patience.

With the light, engaging style that has made him a popular apologist and evangelist around the globe, Matt explains how to build a logical argument piece-by-piece. He gives examples of the most common fallacies and teaches you how to spot them in others arguments (and your own!). And he offers wise strategies to ensure thatespecially when youre arguing about the Faithyour goal is not to score debate points but to lead souls to the light.

Faith and conversion are ultimately Gods work, of course. But he commands us to cooperate with him in that work. Watch How to Win an Argument Without Losing a Soul and become a more effective instrument for communicating Gods saving truth. Add this powerful talk to your cart or wish list above.