I Am A Christian by Anthony P Schiavo, Jr

I Am A Christian by Anthony P Schiavo, Jr

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I Am A Christian
Authentic Accounts of Christian Martyrdom and Persecution from the Ancient Sources
By Anthony P Schiavo, Jr

"Jesus never existed."
"The Bible is a book of fairy tales."
"Accounts of Christian persecution are fables."

The above are examples of some of the objections to the Christian faith, whether from people in our day or in history. Within these pages, you'll discover that most people make these statements because they have no actual knowledge about the true Faith and it's rich history. In ancient times, to declare oneself a Christian was tantamount to accepting a death sentence, which was generally prefaced by torture. Here you'll find rare documentation from Roman trials against Christians, as well as writings penned by the martyrs themselves. Some of these entries are so obscure as to be unknown even to the most learned of Christian historical writings. Absolutely a must-have for those involved in apologetic work, and for those who wish to go deeper into the historical roots of the Christian religion.

Softcover, 216 pages
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