I'm Catholic. Now What? by Shaun McAfee

I'm Catholic. Now What? by Shaun McAfee

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I'm Catholic. Now What?
By Shaun McAfee

So you finished RCIA and were received into the Church on the Easter Vigil. You're a brand new, shiny Catholic ready to be a warrior for the Faith of Ages. Right? Or maybe you're wondering, "What's next for me?" We never stop learning, even those born into the Faith, aka "cradle Catholics". This incredible book picks up where your instructors may have left off, and tackles questions like:

- Current issues in the Church and world.
- Customs, courtesies, rules and traditions.
- Catholic living on a daily basis.
- Evangelization and how to engage in it!
- Morality, Mary, the Saints and so much more!

Softcover, 240 pages
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