Introduction to Mary by Mark Miravalle

Introduction to Mary by Mark Miravalle

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The Heart of Marian Doctrine and Devotion
By Mark Miravalle
Foreward by Edouard Cardinal Gagnon
Softcover - 259 pp

Nihl obstat: Fr. James Dunfee
Imprimatur: Most Rev. Gilbert Sheldon
*NOTE: The nihil obstat and imprimatur convey that the content is not contrary to Catholic teaching, but it does not imply agreement with said content.

What do all the doctrines that God has revealed about the Blessed Virgin Mary have to do with me personally? How do I explain to those interested the truth about Mary and Marian devotions? The newly updated, Introduction to Mary, offers us the opportunity to experience the truth about the person of Mary, our Spiritual Mother, through learning about Marian doctrine and devotion.

Easy to read and understand, this book is designed to serve as a basic tool for both the partish study group and the college classroom, for both the inquiring non-Catholic and the long-standing Catholic. Also offers answers to ten of the more common objections to Mary. Add to your cart or wish list above.