It's Good To Be Here by Christina Chase

It's Good To Be Here by Christina Chase

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It's Good To Be Here: A Disabled Woman's Reflections on God in the Flesh and the Sacred Wonder of Being Human.
By Christina Chase

I cant walk; I cant sit up straight; I cant feed myself. If you and I meet, the first thing you notice will be my body crumpled in a wheelchair. Once I could at least sit up, but now my weak neck is bent over and my spine bent so much that my head falls heavily upon my left shoulder and my hunched back.

In this unique Catholic book, discover how each of us is spiritually disabled when it comes to being able to do much for our salvation. None of us can walk through life unaided. In fact none of us can even stand before God! And so the King of the Universe became, in a way, disabled Himself in order to save us. Unable to lift his newborn head, or feed Himself, Jesus became like us to make us healed and whole. These insights and so much more in this incredible book!

Softcover, 172 pages
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