James Bethany Series

James Bethany Series

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St Bethany Saints Wall Cross
Measures 5 "

Genuine pewter with prayer card.

St James the Greater was the son of Zebedee and Salome, Brother of Saint John the Apostle, and May have been Jesus' cousin. He is called "the greater " simply because he became an Apostle before Saint James the lesser. Apparent disciple of Saint John the Baptist. Left everything when Christ called him to be a Fisher of men. Was present during most of the recorded miracles of Christ. Preached in Samaria, Judea, and Spain. First Apostle to be martyred. Patronage: against arthritis; against rheumatism; apothecaries; arthritis sufferers; blacksmiths; druggists; equestrians; furriers; horsemen; knights; laborers; pharmacists; pilgrims; rheumatoid sufferers; riders; soldiers; tanners; veterinarians.

Feast day: July 25th

Prayer card reads: