Jesus Lent Tree Kit

Jesus Lent Tree Kit

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Lenten Gifts: Jesus Lent Tree Kit

Celebrate the season of Lent with your children with the Jesus Tree Lent Kit, one of many wonderful Lenten gifts to help you and your family appreciate the gospel story. The Jesus Tree guides you day by day through a study of the life and teachings of Jesus, from His Presentation in the Temple to His death and resurrection. Each day during Lent, families read a Bible story about an event or teaching during Jesus' life, represented by a brightly colored felt symbol that you place upon a felt branch together. The Jesus Tree is an excellent way to reflect on the life, death, and Resurrection of Jesus with your family. Just as the barren branch blossoms through Jesus' life, we also grow from the emptiness of Lent to the new life of Easter. The Jesus Tree finishes up to be a 29" x 36" felt banner with 47 brightly colored felt symbols. The kit contains all of the felt, patterns, and directions needed to make and use the Jesus Tree. Add this to your cart or wish list above, either for yourself or as a thoughtful Lenten gift for a loved one.

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Spectacular idea, closely tied to Scripture
Each ornament represents a story in the Gospels that really speaks to who Jesus is. If you search the internet, you can find folks who have tied each reading to a coloring page e.g. backwoodsmama. I made a spreadsheet here with page numbers from our favorite storybook Bibles, and a few additions we are thinking about to finish off the New Testament . Please note this is a *kit* which means you probably have 30 hours of cutting, gluing, and possibly sewing ahead of you. But it is SO worth it, and this will last for years to come. I am not usually a craft person, but really enjoyed putting the ornaments together. If that is too intimidating, Etsy has some pre-made ornaments you can buy--do not give up! Your kids will remember this for years to come.
Review by Lucy / (Posted on 2/20/2015)
Lenten Jesus Tree
This is such a wonderful tool to help children go beyond the common attitude of thinking Lent doesnt mean more than having to give up all things fun. I found it helped develop a more thoughtful, spiritual and well-rounded approach. My children are grown now, but they still remember the Lenten tree.
Review by Eileen / (Posted on 2/8/2015)