Joan of Arc Bethany Series

Joan of Arc Bethany Series

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St Joan of Arc
Bethany Saint Visor Clip

Made of genuine pewter.

Joan of Arc was put on trial by an Inquisitorial court controlled by the English government in occupied northern France, leading to her execution at Rouen. When the French regained Rouen in 1449, a series of investigations were launched which led to a formal appeal run by the Inquisitor-General in 1455. She was declared innocent on July 7, 1456. The Inquisitor`s summary of evidence for the case describes her as a martyr who had been executed by a court which was itself in violation of the Church`s rules.

She had always been considered innocent by those of her own faction. The city of Orleans commemorated her death each year beginning in 1432, and from 1435 onward performed a religious play centered around her victories. The play represented her as a divinely sent saviour guided by angels.

In 1452, during one of