Jude Bethany Series

Jude Bethany Series

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St Jude Thaddaus Bethany Saints Wall Cross
Measures 5 "

Genuine pewter

St. Jude, known as Thaddaeus, was a Brother of St. James the Less, and a relative of our saviour. St. Jude was one of the 12 apostles of Jesus. Ancient writers tell us that he preached the Gospel in Judea, Samaria, Idumaea, Syria, Mesopotamia, and Lybia. According to eusebius, he returned to Jerusalem in the year 62, and assisted at the election of his brother, St. Simeon, as Bishop of Jerusalem.

He is an Author of an Epistle (letter) to the churches of the east, particularly the Jewish converts, directed against the heresies of the simonians, nicolaites, and gnostics. This Apostle is said to have suffered martyrdom in Armenia, which was then subject to Persia. Jude is invoked in desperate situations because his New Testament letter stresses that the faithful should persevere in the environment of harsh, difficult circumstances, just as their forefathers had done before them