Knox Bible

Knox Bible

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Translated from the Latin Vulgate by Msgr. Ronald A. Knox
Hardcover, Black Leather
Measures: 6 x 8.5 x 2"
1,456pp (total book, OT and NT)
Two Ribbon Markers
Gold Edging on Pages
Nihil Obstat: Fr. Anton Cowan
Imprimatur: The Most Rev. Vincent Nichols
Contains both the Hebrew and Christian scriptures.
Foreward by Scott Hahn
No maps or illustrations. Very few footnotes.

Comes with a booklet by Ronald A. Knox called, "On Englishing the Bible" Softcover, 64pp - Tells the story of his nine year journey of translating the Latin Vulgate into English.

Enrich your love of the Scriptures with this glorious new translation of the Catholic Bible, the Latin Vulgate into English by renowned scholar Monsignor Ronald A. Knox. Beautiful in it's simplicity, Knox spent nine years translating this work. Also comes with a small booklet called, "On Englishing the Bible" which details the translator's journey over nine years and the work he poured into the Bible. Add to your cart or wish list above.