Lent at Ephesus CD

Lent at Ephesus CD

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Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles
Total playing time: 78:43
23 Tracks

Music celebrating the mercy and the selfless love of the Saviour, who died for us when we were yet sinners. Recorded in 2013.

The critically acclaimed Benedictines of Mary have composed a compilation of 23 poignant chants, intricate harmonies and rousing hymns including O Sacred Head Surrounded, All Glory Laud and Honor, Adoramus Te Christe and the entrancing Improperia from the liturgy of Good Friday. Add this soul-lifting album to your cart or wish list above.

Track list:

1. Jesus, My Love 2. Christus Factus Est 3. God of Mercy and Compassion 4. Hosanna to the Son of David 5. Jesus Dulcis Amor Meus 6. Jesus Salvator Mundi 7. Improperia 8. On the Way of the Cross 9. Pueri Hebraeorum 10. O Sacred Head Surrounded 11. Adoramus te Christe 12. Stabat Mater 13. Divine Physician 14. Vexilla Regis 15. Mother of Sorrows 16. Vere Languores Nostros 17. Tenebrae 18. O Come and Mourn 19. Adoramus te Christe (listed 2x on CD case) 20. Crux Fidelis 21. All Glory, Laud and Honor 22. Ave Regina Caelorum 23. My Mercy