Life of Union with Mary by Fr Emile Neubert SM

Life of Union with Mary by Fr Emile Neubert SM

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Fr Emile Neubert, SM

Firmly rooted in the Church's magisterium and the wisdom of the Saints, "Life of Union with Mary" presents a simple philosophy of life that is built around the relations of Mary to God and to man. That devotion to her can be a part of everyday life is a recurring theme in this devotional book that explains the extreme importance of union with Mary by showing its marvelous results.

Father Neubert not only gives the dogmatic basis for union with Mary, but details methods of working at and achieving it. He considers every spiritual exercise from this special angle and exemplifies his directions by quotations from many religious and laymen including Saints who have achieved union with Mary.

Throughout this Catholic book he stresses that by giving special attention to Mary the soul intends only to become more united with Christ, to become more like Him, and thus to most perfectly fulfill His mission and to help spread His kingdom on earth. Add to the cart or wish list above.