Made for Love by Fr Peter John Cameron OP

Made for Love by Fr Peter John Cameron OP

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By Fr. Peter John Cameron OP
Softcover - 160 pp

"The human being lives on truth and on being loved: on being loved by the truth. He needs God, the God who draws close to him, interprets for him the meaning of life, and thus points him toward the path of life." - Benedict XVI, "Jesus of Nazareth"

A down-to-earth, practical reflection on the nature of God's love, eloquently written by Fr. Peter Cameron. Drawing heavily on Scripture and the transforming encounters with Jesus Christ recorded in the Gospels, Cameron seeks to make God's love as real, concrete, and accessible to his readers' lives as possible. He emphasizes how God constantly searches for us and takes the initiative in loving us -- how he woos us into happiness with him.

"Made for Love, Loved by God" addresses common misconceptions about God's love as well as the obstacles that prevent us from letting God love us. After reading this book, the reader will feel closer to God by being shown a way to be closer to God. Add to your cart or wish list above.