Meditations Before Mass by Romano Guardini

Meditations Before Mass by Romano Guardini

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A Classic Guide to Preparing onself for Mass
By Romano Guardini
Foreward by Eugene F. Hemrick
Softcover - 205 pp

A treasury of spiritual wisdom on how to prepare your mind, body, and heart for Mass from one of the twentieth centurys great theologians, this Catholic book is Romano Guardinis smart and beautiful guide to spiritual preparation for the source and summit of Christian worship.

Here you'll find wise, pastoral, and timeless wisdom on preparing for Massit is an example of twentieth-century theologian Romano Guardini at his very best. It was written before Vatican II, but its relevance has endured over the past sixty years. Not a how to book for either the old or the new Roman Rite, it is instead a spiritual feast for the mind and heart, and a guide for modern people who wish to make sense of the Churchs feasts and liturgies. Add it to your cart or wish list above.