Memorize the Faith by Kevin Vost

Memorize the Faith by Kevin Vost

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Memorize the Faith! - And Most Anything Else
by Kevin Vost, PSY.D
Softcover, 249 pp

Even saints can't live by truths they can't remember.  That's why, over 700 years ago, St. Thomas Aquinas devised a method to help him recall the teachings of our Faith.  It's so simple and easy that, over the years, countless Christians have relied on it... and so can you!

Refining techniques taught by the ancient philosophers, St. Thomas created a mental "memory mansion " and a way to store information in its "rooms, " where it remains, fresh and accessible, until you return to retrieve it.

Because it's a system that can be used to remember anything, Aquinas's method is more powerful and more flexible than all the memory tricks we learned as school children.

No wonder author Dr. Kevin Vost has used a "memory mansion " for years now to help him recall names, dates, birthdays, grocery lists, etc.