Mr Blue

Mr Blue by Myles Connolly

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Myles Connolly
Softcover - 198pp

J. Blue is a mysterious man. Charming and carefree, he goes from rags to riches after the inheritance of an unexpected fortune, only to forgo money and power for the love of Lady Poverty. This life of service leads him to embrace fully his Christian faithloving the unlovable, instructing the ignorant, and remembering that it is by grace that we are saved.

In this new edition of Myles Connollys 1928 novel, which features a special Preface by Connollys own daughter, readers can again encounter the mystery of Mr. Blue. Stephen Mirarchis Introduction places the book in historical context and explains its literary structure, and his exhaustive notes reveal Connollys sharp command of his craft. Readers will see more clearly than ever before how Blue made one believe almost anything is possible, especially a life of joyful self-giving. Place into the cart or wish list above.