My Mass Book

My Mass Book

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In Accord with the Third Typical Edition of the Roman Missal
By Rev. Victor Hoagland
Illustrated by Geroge Angelini
Softcover / 32pp

Not quite a missal, this Catholic book rather features the parts of the Mass and explains them on a child-friendly level. Contains some prayers but not a part by part compilation of the Mass prayers like a missal would have. More for explaining what the Mass is with a few prayers for children to learn. Add to the cart or wish list above.

Contents: My Mass Book, Going Into God's House, Gathering Together, Being Sorry, We All Say: Glory to God, Listeneing to the Word of God, The Gospel, We Tell God We Believe in Him, We Pray for Everybody in the World, We Present Our Gifts, Our Prayer of Thanksgiving, We Pray As Jesus Taught Us, We Offer One Another a Sign of Peace, We Receive Communion, We Leave God's House in Peace. The Catholic Church.