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How to Honor the Tradition of St. Andrew’s Christmas Novena Prayer

While its origins are unknown, reciting the St. Andrew Christmas Novena prayer has been a staple tradition within the Catholic Advent season for at least a century.
As most faithful Catholics know, St. Andrew was the first to be called on by Jesus to become a disciple. So, it’s quite fitting that the Feast of St [...]

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Christmas 101: Everything You Need to Know to Truly Appreciate & Celebrate the Season

The Advent season helps us prepare and celebrate the days leading up to the main event: the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. But once Christmas arrives, what is the best way to honor Catholic tradition and create a time of joy for your family?
Below we share surprising details about the holiday and [...]

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DIY Advent Wreath Ideas to Add Seasonal Fun & Flair to Your Home

The Advent wreath may be one of the most prized and iconic Advent traditions, serving as a way to quietly reflect and measure the progression towards Christ’s birth since the Middle Ages. Of course, Advent wreaths are also an important element of holiday decor, adding beauty and seasonal spirit to our homes.
Whether you’re looking for [...]

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7 Easy, Fun & Incredibly Adorable Nativity Scene Crafts for Kids

For centuries, the nativity scene has been part of the Advent and Christmas tradition, serving as iconic decor and honoring the blessed birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. From our perspective, the nativity scene can also serve as a fantastic teaching tool, helping us tell the story of the magical birth to our [...]

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6 Easy DIY Jesse Tree Tutorials for the Whole Family

With each passing day we are coming closer and closer to the start of the Advent season. One of the best ways to celebrate Advent and prepare for Jesus’s birth is to read and reflect upon the story of Jesus with a Jesse Tree. Traditionally used in medieval times to help teach the Bible to [...]

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The American Miracle

Divine Providence in the Rise of the Republic- Shocking, surprising, impossible, preposterous, amazing! No…Providential! All these words and more fill these pages as popular author and radio host Michael Medved takes you on a journey through history as viewed through the eyes of the Christian faith. Our selection for October’s Catholic Book of the Month [...]

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Advent 101: Everything You Need to Know About the Season of Advent

Advent is a special season for any Christian, and for many it’s the pinnacle of their Christmas celebrations. To help you commemorate the days of Advent dedicated to celebrating Jesus and preparing for Christmas Day, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about the Advent season. Whether you’re new to Catholicism, want to teach [...]

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The Immortal In You

“Ugh…that’s me.” What a way to begin a profoundly insightful Catholic examination of the human person! And yet if we’re honest, most days when we examine the compilation of behaviors and experiences that make up “us”, many of us might be tempted to utter the same thing. And yet, we are more. So much more [...]

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The Power of Silence

Our August Catholic book of the month is The Power of Silence - Against the Dictatorship of Noise. It is an interview of Robert Cardinal Sarah with Nicolas Diat on the dire need for silence in our age —  Enter the presence of God through the door of silence.. a personal silence that leads to a prayerful [...]

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Fatima Mysteries - Mary's Message to the Modern Age

Have you ever wondered what else was going on in the world when the Queen of Heaven was appearing to three shepherd children in a near-secluded meadow in Portugal? What did our Blessed Mother Mary have to tell them? Who believed them? What was the response of those who did not believe?
The story of Fatima [...]

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