When Should You Give Catholic Jewelry?

There are many different holidays and sacraments to celebrate in the Catholic faith. They provide wonderful opportunities to give Catholic jewelry as special gifts.

But do people still value Catholic jewelry? While many people of various faiths may wear Catholic jewelry as fashion statements, the meaning behind these pieces is one of deep faith. Does the fact that non-Catholics wear this jewelry lessen the impact of one who wears it as a symbol of their faith? Does wearing Catholic jewelry still matter?


Wearing Catholic jewelry is a powerful witnessing tool. When people see someone wearing a Crucifix necklace there is an automatic connection to Christ's sacrifice on the cross, just as wearing a ring or Catholic medal can be effective conversation-starters for evangelism.

Yet while some Catholics may wear their Catholic jewelry as a declaration of their faith, a few are instructed not to. In her article, Fox Television's Lauren Ashburn shares that her boss actually told her to take her cross off so it wouldn't "distract the audience." Ultimately, Ashburn bucked the system and proudly began wearing her cross again - with good reason - she believes in the freedom of religious expression.

This too, is a powerful reason for wearing Catholic jewelry.

When is the best time to give Catholic jewelry and products as gifts? Here are a few occasions and gift ideas to help your loved ones celebrate their faith.

  1. Necklace (Christmas) - Wrapped in a lovely box or tucked into a stocking, a Catholic necklace is the perfect Catholic gift to share the meaning of Christ's Birth. Our top picks:
  2. Rosary (Confirmation or birthdays) - A devotional symbol and constant reminder of the power of prayer. Our top picks:
  3. Bracelets (Confirmation or Mother's Day) - Catholic gifts that run in a variety of styles. Our top pick:
  4. Rings (Confirmation or birthdays) - Simple yet powerful symbols. Our top picks:

Catholic gifts that celebrate and declare one's faith are keepsakes that will last a lifetime. Whether the celebration of holidays or Catholic Sacraments, Catholic jewelry and products impart a memorable meaning.

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