7 Secrets of Divine Mercy

If someone offered you the key to holiness and salvation, would you take it? In our times, God is raising up many people to preach His message of mercy. Central in that working is St. Maria Faustina, whose “Diary; Divine Mercy in My Soul” told us about the merciful love of the Holy Trinity and the desire to have the Feast of Mercy established. Another is popular author Vinny Flynn, author of our Catholic Book of the Month, “7 Secrets of Divine Mercy”

In this powerful book you’ll learn why Divine Mercy isn’t just another private devotion, it is, in the author’s words, “…the key devotion, the umbrella devotion over everything else.” And what better time than during the Year of Mercy to explore this central truth of the faith, that God desires above all else, to reconcile all to Himself in mercy!

Check out this excellent Catholic book, “7 Secrets of Divine Mercy” and the “Diary” of St. Faustina today!

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