You Will Be Made to Care - Catholic book on Social Justice Agenda

You Will Be Made to Care - Catholic Book on Social Justice Agenda

Compassionate bullying?

Sounds like nonsense right? But that’s how the Left works; they must punish you because they care. But do they really? In June’s Catholic Book of the Month, “You Will Be Made to Care; The War on Faith, Family, and Your Freedom to Believe” you’ll discover the stories of those who have been socially shamed, bullied, sued, threatened, even fired from their jobs, all because they refused to go along with some aspect of the social justice agenda that is currently being slammed into every American’s face.

Whether you find yourself on a college campus, in the workplace or even in your home, the messages of the social justice warriors are everywhere. Check your Facebook, Twitter or news feed and you’re almost certain to stumble upon some story related to gay rights, transgender bathroom policies, and marriage. It can certainly seem hopeless.

But take heart! There are those out there who see what the Left is doing and fighting back. But first you need to know what’s happening. Grab a copy and read about the little grandmother who was sued for everything she has because she wouldn’t sell flowers for a same-sex wedding. Sort through the confusion surrounding transgender issues, Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner and the redefining of gender, even among children! And finally, end on a positive as the author gives you tips on how you can resist, fight back and stand firm. Get your copy of the Catholic book, “You Will Be Made to Care” today!

“The compassionate bullies of the Left have decided they must force you to shut up. My friend Erick Erickson exposes their unbelievable bullying so often ignored or excused by the media.” – Mark Levin

 “The Left is not looking for mere tolerance but to force social conservatives, indeed everyone, into submission to their ideology – prosecuting and persecuting along the way.” – David Limbaugh

Get your copy of, “You Will Be Made to Care” today!

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