20 Priceless, Practical and Slightly Indulgent Advent Calendar Filler Ideas for Grown Ups

If you think Advent calendars are only for kids, think again. Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the joy of counting down the days until the arrival of Jesus. There are an abundance of meaningful, inexpensive and fun ways for grown-ups to celebrate and honor Jesus, each other and each day of Advent. Here are a few of our favorites based on three categories: priceless, practical and slightly indulgent.

Priceless Advent Calendar Fillers

1. Coupons for quality time
Refocus and reconnect with coupons good for quality time. Activities can be as simple as a moonlit stroll or time by the fireplace.

2. Notes of appreciation
Write down 25 ways you’re glad God brought your significant other into your life. Single? Write down 25 reasons you’re grateful to God. Read one every day and compile them in a booklet.

Notes of appreciation

3. Memories
Each day of Advent, share your fondest memories with your loved one during the past year. Write a memory on each page of a festive notebook and give it to them on Christmas Day.

4. Motivational messages
Inspire them daily with a message of Catholic hope, faith and love. Draw some inspiration from social media, books or ask friends for ideas.

5. Daily Devotionals
Allow time to meditate on the coming of Jesus with special devotionals dedicated to Advent, or take advantage of online devotional calendars. Below we offer some affordable Advent books and devotionals that can serve as inspiration or a filler option.

6. Service Calendars
Be intentional with your kindness by writing down a small, simple way to bless someone each day of Advent.

7. Advent Box
Select a toiletry or nonperishable food item and then place it inside a basket. On Christmas Eve day, deliver it to a homeless shelter or food shelf.

Reverse Advent Calendar

Source: Mum in the Mad House

Practical Advent Calendar Fillers

8. Travel-size products
If your loved one is on the road a lot, even if it’s just to the gym, they’ll appreciate travel-sized shampoos, soaps and moisturizers.

9. Craft and Hobby Supplies
Do they like to knit, garden, or camp? Get them outfitted to do more of what they love with their favorite supplies, tools and gear.

Craft and Hobby Supplies

10. Pet Treats
If you love them, you have to love their pet. Give gifts that show your affection for both them and their fur-baby.

11. Socks
Slipping on a pair of whimsical socks starts any day with fun.

Feet in woollen socks

12. Cleaning supplies
Are they neat freaks? This gift is sure to delight.

13. Cold-Weather Gear
Keep them warm and cozy by restocking their supply of mittens, hats, scarves and gloves.

14. Candles
A burning candle sends prayers to heaven, so you can never have too many.

Slightly Indulgent Advent Calendar Fillers

15. Beer or their Favorite Libation
There are more than enough different brands of beers to let them sample something new each day of Advent. Find a tutorial on how to make a beer Advent calendar on Instructables.com.

beer Advent calendar
Photo Credit: Instructables.com

16. Beauty Products
Every day, give her a new opportunity to pamper herself with one of the many beauty advent calendars that are flooding the marketplace.

17. Jewelry
Add some sparkle to their Advent with jewelry. You can make it yourself, or peruse thrift stores and estate sales for amazing deals on everything from brooches to cufflinks. If you want to give them something to showcase their faith, consider a cross pendant, religious medal or rosary bracelet. Below are some ideas from our jewelry selection.

Rosary Watch Set

Rosary Watch Set

Browse Leaflet Missal’s entire jewelry collection.

18. Hot Chocolate, Tea or Coffee Products
Make Advent delicious with a gift of hot chocolate, coffee, or tea. They’ll eagerly await their daily tasty treat.

19. Christmas Decor
As Advent progresses, they’ll gradually surround themselves with the beauty of Christmas. Ornaments, Nativity figurines and candles are all great choices.

Baby Jesus Ornament

Baby Jesus Ornament

20. Gift Cards
Give small gift cards to the coffee shops, stores and restaurants they frequent most.

When we’re awash in responsibility, it can be challenging for us grown  ups to take time out for ourselves. But even the smallest tokens of appreciation and gifts of service can impart surprising joy. That’s why we hope you brighten a loved one’s holiday season with some of the ideas on this list.

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