4 Fun Ways to Make Your Own Advent Calendar

Since the late 1850s families have made their own Advent calendars as they prepared for the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus. This year the do it yourself tradition continues. Catholics everywhere will once again reflect on Jesus and His gift of life for us, with the ritual of marking each of the 24 days leading to Christmas.

Making your own DIY Advent calendar is a creative way to enjoy the excitement of the days before Christmas. With your own personal flair you can bring a new sense of fun to this special time.

Here are four ways to make your own Advent calendar this year:

1. Envelope Advent Calendar

With just envelopes, paper and a pen you can make an Advent calendar that is meaningful and memorable.

Draw numbers on each envelope and put them in numerical order using any design you choose. For example, you can paste them to a board and display it on a desk or bookshelf.

Write a note for each envelope to either yourself for self-reflection or to a family member. You can use a scripture from the Bible, a reflection on Christ’s birth or even a love note of encouragement. Below are some cute ideas to get you started, as well as some links to tutorials.

DIY Advent Calendar via Little Red HouseAdvent Calendar from Noosh LovesDIY Advent Calendar from Ella Claire

Photo credits and article links: The Little Red House, Noosh Loves, Ella Claire

2. Chalkboard Advent Calendar

Oh Happy Day DIY Advent Calendar

You’ll need small boxes, chalkboard paint and chalk along with small special surprises to make this festive Advent calendar which also makes a delightful Christmas decoration.

Lay out each flattened box on a newspaper and spray it with chalkboard paint. After the paint dries, fold up each box and write numbers 1 – 25 on the front.

Fill each with prizes for family members and tie each box onto a small Christmas tree.

To give you an idea of how it could look, this adorable creation from Oh Happy Day is a great example. Get the full tutorial by clicking on the Photo Credit link below.

Photo Credit: Oh Happy Day

3. Potted Plant Advent Calendar

DIY Advent Calendar from The Feminist Housewife

Pick up 25 pots, 25 trinkets, string, number stickers, and the paint color of your choice to make this advent calendar.

Paint each pot with your favorite Christmas color to bring the Advent celebration alive! Let the pots dry completely and then tie string to each pot. Fasten a number sticker and then fill the pots with all sorts of creative trinkets such as ornaments, pine cones, candy canes and a sprig of mistletoe for good measure.

Want to make the calendar you see in the photo? Visit The Feminist Housewife for a tutorial and more photos by clicking on the link in the Photo Credit below.

Photo Credit: The Feminist Housewife

4. Crate and Ornament Advent Calendar

DIY Advent Calendar from Life as a Thrifter

If you are looking for a different way to showcase ornaments, this affordable Advent calendar from Life as a Thrifter is the perfect answer!

The list of supplies includes: a crate, foam numbers, shatter-proof Christmas ornaments, hot glue and a small Christmas tree.

First glue the foam numbers onto each ornament. Carefully set them into the crate partitions and place a small Christmas tree on top of the crate.

With each day take the numbered ornament out of the crate and hang it on the tree.

Photo Credit: Life as a Thrifter

You and your family will love spending time making your Advent calendar and then using it every day to celebrate the Advent season. Start a tradition of a new hand-made calendar each year for a lifetime of wonderful memories!

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