Where the Cross Stands by Michael Brown

America is going through cultural and social changes quite rapidly — and not usually for the better. Is this the result of the evil one ramping up his attacks against humanity and the Holy Catholic Church? Michael Brown, in his new book Where The Cross Stands, tackles this very question with a unique historical analysis. It is undoubtedly his most powerful book about current events and prophecy since his 1992 bestseller, The Final Hour.


Was the United States founded before Jamestown and Plymouth by Catholicism where a Cross now stands? How does Columbus, a third-order Franciscan, really fit into America’s founding and what mystical elements existed at the time? Examining culture, politics, and apparitions through America’s history, Brown brings the reader to the present day and explains why the current moment is a final opportunity to take back what the enemy and his hidden global elite have stolen.

From sea to shining sea, Christians can bring this nation back from the brink of disaster, re-establish the cross of Jesus Christ as the bedrock of America and leave their children and grandchildren a nation of patriotism rooted in faith. Get your copy of April’s Catholic book of the month for your library. Order, “Where the Cross Stands” today!

“…will we return to that Cross – or do we face a moment of truth that will lead to truly major trends and events out of any politician’s expectation or control?” – Michael H. Brown

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