Fatima Mysteries - Mary's Message to the Modern Age

Have you ever wondered what else was going on in the world when the Queen of Heaven was appearing to three shepherd children in a near-secluded meadow in Portugal? What did our Blessed Mother Mary have to tell them? Who believed them? What was the response of those who did not believe?

The story of Fatima has been hailed as the greatest apparition the Church has ever received. And also ridiculed as unscientific and the product of a mass hallucination brought about by religious fervor. What are the facts surrounding this private revelation? In July’s Catholic Book of the Month, “Fatima Mysteries; Mary’s Message for the Modern Agethe authors provide you with extensive historical information surrounding not only Fatima itself, but the world events transpiring before it happened, during and after! Photographs and rich illustrations are on almost every page, giving you a very personal understanding of the lives touched and inspired by these messages.

This Catholic book will also demonstrate the danger that Communism posed to the Catholic faith at the time, by detailing much of the propaganda and anti-religion, anti-Catholic information promulgated throughout the surrounding countries, and the world. And if you thought Communism died with the fall of the Soviet Union, read the pope’s quote below. Grab your copy of this amazing, hardcover book and discover our mother’s message for our modern day!

"The tragedies foretold in Fatima did not come to an end with the demise of Communism. The crisis has not been resolved. From a certain point of view it is still as serious as it ever was, as it is primarily a crisis of faith, hence a moral and social crisis." - Pope Benedict XVI

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