The Immortal In You

“Ugh…that’s me.” What a way to begin a profoundly insightful Catholic examination of the human person! And yet if we’re honest, most days when we examine the compilation of behaviors and experiences that make up “us”, many of us might be tempted to utter the same thing. And yet, we are more. So much more than we could ever imagine. We are in fact immortal. Our faith tells us that God made us in His image and likeness to spend eternity with Him in Heaven.

And yet within some academic and scientific circles, there are those who not just challenge this claim, but outright deny it. They tell us that biology, science and Evolution are more than enough to explain human nature. They assert, often with a passion similar to religious conviction, that man is no more than an animal. That man has no special place in the cosmos, and no particular meaning or purpose to life.

In September’s Catholic Book of the Month, “The Immortal In You” author Michael Augros hauls these claims up into the light of reason and truth. He exposes them, and shows them for half-truths they are, at best, or outright falsehoods, at worst. He does this through careful, precise reasoning and, often, through the clever and tactful use of humor and modern day examples. This Catholic book is considered one of the best written about the nature of humankind, and has been praised by no less than one of the greatest luminaries of Catholic thought and philosophy, Peter Kreeft.

“This is far and away the best book I have ever read about the nature of mankind as far as natural reason can know it.”

Order your copy of, “The Immortal In You” today and discover how human nature is more than science can say.

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