DIY Advent Wreath Ideas to Add Seasonal Fun & Flair to Your Home

The Advent wreath may be one of the most prized and iconic Advent traditions, serving as a way to quietly reflect and measure the progression towards Christ’s birth since the Middle Ages. Of course, Advent wreaths are also an important element of holiday decor, adding beauty and seasonal spirit to our homes.

Whether you’re looking for an Advent wreath craft to teach your kids about the meaning of the season or looking to honor the tradition and add some flair to your seasonal decor, below we offer several DIY Advent wreath ideas to give you some inspiration.

DIY Advent Wreath Ideas for Kids

Edible Advent Wreath

Edible Advent Wreath Turtorial

If you’re looking for a fast and tasty way to teach your kids about the significance of the Advent wreath, this edible Advent wreath idea from Lacy Rabideau’s Catholic Icing blog is the ticket.

According to Lacy, all you need is: store-bought doughnuts (or you can make them from scratch if you’re feeling super crafty), pink and purple birthday candles, sugar, and green food coloring.

As you get ready to assemble your Advent wreath, Lacy says: “Talk to your kids about how [Advent] wreaths are round (like the doughnut) and just like God — there is no beginning and no end.”

To make the green sugar topping, get started by putting your sugar into a plastic container and putting a few drops of food coloring in. Put the lid on and shake until the color is fully mixed. Then sprinkle it on the top of the doughnut and add your candles.

(Of course, we have to add that this can be a part of anyone’s tradition, not just those with children. Who doesn’t love delicious doughnuts?)

(Image credit: Catholic Icing)

Paper Advent Wreath Craft

Paper Advent Wreath Tutorial

This paper Advent wreath craft from Catholic Inspired is a simple, easy craft for kids of all ages.

All you need is colored construction paper, scissors, glue, tape or staples, and an orange marker or crayon.

Get started by cutting two strips of green paper and staple or tape the ends together to form a circle. This will serve as your evergreen base.

Then cut three tall rectangles out of purple paper and one from pink paper. Then staple or tape them to the inside of your green circle to form the candles.

From there draw four flames on yellow construction paper and cut them out. Then staple or tape one to the top of the proper colored candle through weeks of Advent.

Finally, cut circles from red paper to make berries to glue or tape them on the green base. According to Catholic Inspired, if you used staples to attach your candles, this can be a great way to hide them.

(Image Credit: Catholic Inspired)

Simple Advent Wreath Craft

Advent Wreath Craft for Kids

If you’re looking for a fun, easy, and inexpensive Advent wreath craft for kids, consider this adorable Advent wreath idea — also from Lacy at Catholic Icing.

The only supplies you need include:

  • Pipe cleaners (one green and two yellow per wreath)
  • Pony beads (24 purple and eight pink per wreath)
  • Green tulle (ribbon, fabric scraps, or evergreen also work)


First, make your green pipe cleaner into a circle and twist the ends together. Then cut your yellow pipe cleaners in half, fold one of the four pieces in half, and pinch it around the green pipe cleaner circle. Then thread eight beads (all in the same color) over both ends of the yellow pipe cleaner to create your candle; make sure they’re pushed down firmly. Finally, shape the yellow ends into a candle frame and repeat three times.

When it comes to adding the greenery, Lacy suggest cutting your tulle or your fabric of choice into 3-inch pieces. Then start tying them around the green pipe cleaner.

(Image credit: Catholic Icing)

Unique DIY Advent Wreath Ideas for Decorating Your Home

“Not Your Typical” Advent Candle Wreath

Unique DIY Advent Wreath & Candle Holder

If you’re ready for some quality crafting time in the hopes of adding a fun twist to your home’s decor, this unique Advent candle wreath holder from An Extraordinary Day may be the DIY project for you.

Rather than a traditional wreath look, this craft uses festive buckets and uses evergreen, pinecone, and berry sprigs to add a traditional touch.

One of the things we love most about this project is the dainty tags on each candle holder highlighting the weekly Advent themes. (We’d suggest using hope, preparation, joy, and love if you want to stay more true to Catholic tradition.)

Find the full supply list and wreath tutorial.

(Image Credit: An Extraordinary Day)

Quick & Frugal Advent Wreath

Cheap DIY Advent Wreath Idea

If you’re looking to craft your own Advent wreath on a budget, you can do it with just three simple supplies: candles, a candle holder, and some wreath-like greenery.

This DIY Advent wreath tutorial from Affording Motherhood lays everything out simply:

  • Step 1: Select a holder for your Advent candles. (For example, empty tin cans or mason jars can offer a rustic touch. Alternatively, cake plates or serving trays can be more elegant and modern.)
  • Step 2: Select your Advent candles.
  • Step 3: Make it an Advent wreath by adding some real or artificial greenery, or materials of your choice such as burlap, pine cones, or moss.


Put it all together and you have yourself a quick, inexpensive, and unique display piece.

(Image Credit: Affording Motherhood)

Fresh Evergreen Advent Wreath

DIY Fresh Advent Wreath

This tutorial from The Daring Gourmet is a two-for-one, detailing how to create a large Advent wreath to hang on your front door, as well as a table-size Advent wreath and candle holder.

The supply list is pretty simple. You’ll need to pick up your preferred size of a straw wreath from your local craft store, as well as any decor items you’d like to add and some practical items such as twine. Then you’ll need plenty of fresh pine branches which can be pruned for trees in your own yard.

Once you have all your supplies, the tutorial does a great job of walking you through each step and is complete with pictures.

(Image Credit: The Daring Gourmet)

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