A Pope and a President

“God had spared their lives…for the divine purpose of defeating the communist empire.” So ends the prologue of this months’ Catholic Book of the Month, “A Pope and a President” within these pages you’ll uncover the extraordinary and previously untold story of two great men of the 20th century, President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II, now elevated to sainthood. These men were both known for their staunch opposition to Soviet Communism. And for that, each would become a target for assassination…within six weeks of each other. These events rocked the world, but Reagan and John Paul would not be deterred. In June, 1982, they would meet for the first time in the Vatican gardens, and from there began a life-long friendship between the Protestant Ronald Reagan, and the leader of the Catholic Church. Despite spiritual differences, these men were united in their absolute condemnation of atheism, and sought to rally all people, worldwide, regardless of faith, religious or not, to stand against the evils of Communism.

What else will you find here?

-          Previous unknown details of the CIA’s investigation of the attempt on John Paul II’s life.

-          How Reagan and the Pope spoke of the “DP” or “Divine Plan” to take down Communism.

-          New details about how President Reagan became intensely interested in the secrets of Fatima.

-          The role a robust Franciscan nun named Agca played in subduing the shooter of Pope John Paul II.

Nancy Reagan called Pope John Paul II her husband’s “closest friend”, and Mr. Reagan himself told Polish visitors that the Pope was his “best friend”. Reading this book, you will come to understand why. With a new shade of Communion making trouble today in the form of Antifa, and the 100th anniversary of Fatima just behind us, this book is timely and a most important read. Get your copy of this amazing book today. Order at our website!

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