In Sinu Jesu

The themes present in this beautiful work are as follows: Adoration, Priesthood, Reparation, Friendship, Consolation, Trust and the Blessed Virgin Mary. Our Lord, through the hand of this humble author, here tells us of His deep desire for personal friendship with his priests, in order that a sacerdotal, or priestly, Pentecost may set hearts on fire with love throughout the world.Arranged as a series of heart to heart reflections, in chronological order from when they began in 2007, most entries are brief and followed up with a paragraph from the monk reflecting on the message received from Jesus or Mary.

For March’s Catholic Book of the Month, we bring you, “In Sinu Jesu” which translates to “leaning on Christ’s breast”, a direct reference to the Gospel in which Saint John, the Beloved Disciple, rested against Christ during the Last Supper. Within these pages, the Most High invites not only His sacred priests, but all to come before Him in the Blessed Sacrament and lean on Him. Jesus repeatedly asks for us to trust Him as a dear friend, the dearest and most important friend we can have. Also, the holy Mother of God spoke the author, showering him with maternal support.

Yet these revelations, touching as they are, were not meant just for the priest who wrote them. But rather, he was to become a type of hearth around which the faithful would gather. These words are meant for everyone, priest and laity alike, in order that they may be warmed to the core of their soul, and encouraged to turn to the Eucharist, Christ among us. For in this journal of a priest at prayer, which carries an imprimatur, we hear the Words of God Himself. Get your copy of this profound Catholic book, and begin living Jesus’ Eucharistic call to divine friendship today.

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