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Answers to All of Your Questions About Being Baptized in the Catholic Church

Baptism in the Catholic Church is a holy sacrament whereby a person is blessed with water and Chrism oil and welcomed into the Church. Baptism removes original sin and places an indelible mark on the person’s soul. While a person is typically baptized as an infant, the sacrament can be received up until the point [...]

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The Lord's Prayer, As We Know It

"Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name…" the words are so familiar that it's sometimes easy to forget what the Lord's prayer actually means, and what it asks of us as Christians. The Lord's Prayer, also called Our Father Prayer, is a prayer of central importance to Christians because it not only venerates the will of God, but also gives us an opportunity to give thanks to God for our many blessings, and to forgive and be forgiven by those with whom we disagree.

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Follow The History of The New American Bible

There are nearly 76 million Catholics in America today (Pew Research) and many learn God's Word from an edition of the Bible that stretches back some nearly 50 years - the New American Bible.

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From Wood Crucifix to Silver: How the Crucifix Gained Popularity as a Catholic Symbol

Do you have a crucifix at home? If you do, you are part of a centuries-old worship tradition that pays honor to Christ‘s death on the cross in the ultimate sacrifice.

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Do You Understand Your Catholic Bible?

One of the most challenging yet satisfying parts of practicing the Catholic faith is reading and understanding the Catholic Bible. Readers may be stymied by the old language and the scriptural metaphors, along with the cultural and historical settings from generations past. However, the benefits of learning to use this God-inspired Catholic book can be far-reaching as you develop a deeper relationship with the Lord.

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How to Use a Rosary: A Beginner's Guide

For centuries, praying the rosary has been an important spiritual discipline in the Catholic Church. Through spiritual and personal meditations, the rosary helps Catholics deepen their relationship with God and glorify the holiness of Jesus and Mary.

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