8 Delicious Meat-Free Lent Recipes to Level Up Your Fridays

Last Updated: Feb. 7, 2018
Lent is a time of simple living, prayer, reflection, and fasting—and meatless Fridays those observing Lent meat rules. Below we have compiled a collection of some tasty meat-free Lent recipes to help you stick to the Lent Friday no meat tradition while also fueling you and your family.
Fish Tacos

To kick off our [...]

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21 Fun Christmas Traditions & Activities to Celebrate the Season

Christmas—the season of wonder and anticipation—has finally arrived!
There is no one way to celebrate the Advent and Christmas season, and we’ve compiled 28 activities and recipes that you could make part of your celebration. In addition, some of Catholic blogger friends were gracious enough to share some of their favorite holiday traditions with us.

1.  Learn [...]

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Countdown to Christmas: 21 Ways to Prepare for Advent

The holiday season always seems to come and go so fast, without giving us much time to reflect and enjoy. With Advent fast approaching, why not take some time to prepare for the season now—while also having fun with the family.

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The 12 Gifts of Christmas - an Infographic

Enjoy Leaflet Missal's version of this seasonal classic with a fun Catholic theme and great gift suggestions for the true loves in your life.

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Exploring The Meaning And History Behind Advent Candles

Of all the traditions within the Catholic Church, the celebration of Advent with Advent candles is one that unifies families in devotion and worship during one of the Holiest times of the year.

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Share Christ's Promise Of Eternity This Season With An Advent Wreath

There is nothing like the weeks before Christmas when Catholics everywhere prepare to celebrate the light of Christ's entry into our world. During the four Sundays preceding Christmas Eve, we think about traditional objects, such as the Advent Wreath and Advent Candles, which herald the preparation for Christ's presence in our lives.

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