The Creed; Professing the Faith Through the Ages

Do you ever wonder about how the Christian faith was professed throughout the ages, from its earliest days to today? Why were the early Christians willing to die to protect a single iota of the creed? Why have the Judeans, Romans, and Persians—among others—seen the Christian creed as a threat to the established social order? [...]

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You Will Be Made to Care - Catholic book on Social Justice Agenda

You Will Be Made to Care - Catholic Book on Social Justice Agenda
Compassionate bullying?
Sounds like nonsense right? But that’s how the Left works; they must punish you because they care. But do they really? In June’s Catholic Book of the Month, “You Will Be Made to Care; The War on Faith, Family, and Your Freedom [...]

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Fr. Benedict Groeschel “A Friar’s Tale”

A Friar’s Tale; Remembering Fr. Benedict Groeschel
Founder of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, Fr. Groeschel, 1933-2014, was one of the most well-known and beloved Catholics our day. Whether he was helping homeless pregnant women, troubled youth, or leading his religious order in prayer, this beautiful soul touched so many people. For May’s Catholic Book [...]

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The Vatican Cookbook

Who better to compile a book of papal tributes and exclusive images of Vatican life than a member of the Pontifical Swiss Guard! These silent guardians, often seen in the background but never missed because of their colorful garb, have been in service to the Holy Father since the year 1506! April’s Book of the [...]

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St. Faustina’s Prayer Book for the Holy Souls in Purgatory

Good Friday is almost here, that most holy day where we honor the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross at Calvary. It was on the cross that blood and water flowed, with mercy achieved for all! But did you know that the souls in Purgatory can benefit by your prayers and the [...]

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7 Ideas for Celebrating Lent Your Way

The Lenten season of reflection, prayer, fasting and simple living will arrive on Feb. 14, 2018. How do you plan to celebrate the season?
Everyone has their own way of celebrating Lent—and if you’re looking to start some new traditions or need a little inspiration, Leaflet Missal can help. Below you’ll find seven ideas for celebrating [...]

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8 Delicious Meat-Free Lent Recipes to Level Up Your Fridays

Last Updated: Feb. 7, 2018
Lent is a time of simple living, prayer, reflection, and fasting—and meatless Fridays those observing Lent meat rules. Below we have compiled a collection of some tasty meat-free Lent recipes to help you stick to the Lent Friday no meat tradition while also fueling you and your family.
Fish Tacos

To kick off our [...]

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7 Secrets of Divine Mercy

If someone offered you the key to holiness and salvation, would you take it? In our times, God is raising up many people to preach His message of mercy. Central in that working is St. Maria Faustina, whose “Diary; Divine Mercy in My Soul” told us about the merciful love of the Holy Trinity and [...]

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Love Is Our Mission; Pope Francis in America

Ready to get cozy with a great book while we wait out the cold winter months? Then snuggle up with January’s Book of the Month, “Love Is Our Mission; Pope Francis in America”. Our Holy Father has touched countless lives with his warmth and easy manner of speaking about profound spiritual topics. This Catholic book [...]

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21 Fun Christmas Traditions & Activities to Celebrate the Season

Christmas—the season of wonder and anticipation—has finally arrived!
There is no one way to celebrate the Advent and Christmas season, and we’ve compiled 28 activities and recipes that you could make part of your celebration. In addition, some of Catholic blogger friends were gracious enough to share some of their favorite holiday traditions with us.

1.  Learn [...]

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