No Tears in Heaven Pendant

No Tears in Heaven Pendant

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No Tears in Heaven Pendant
Catholic Jewelry for Memorials and Comfort

When one's spouse passes from this vale of tears into the arms of the Lord, God has promised that He will dry their eyes and welcome them into Heaven. But for those that remain on Earth, there can often be many years of grief as one adjusts to the absence of that soul that was joined to your own. This simple, tear-shaped pendant honors the tears we shed for our beloveds, and opens so that you may slide on their wedding band to wear close to your heart. And while this memorial jewelry is designed for spouses, it certainly may be worn to honor and cherish the passing of others as well.

Comes with verse card that reads:
No Tears in Heaven
There are no tears in Heaven, so I have left behind
this single, little teardop to lovingly remind
though absent from the body, I'm present with the Lord; the joy of my salvation is now my full reward.
And just as God has promised, He's wiped my tears away, and nothing can compare to the wonder of that day. So wear this in my memory, and know that up above there are no tears in Heaven, instead there's only Love.

Elegant silver tone tear shaped pendant with 24 inch chain with clasp, Boxed.
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