Noble Beauty - Transcendent Holiness by Peter Kwasniewski

Noble Beauty - Transcendent Holiness by Peter Kwasniewski

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Noble Beauty, Transcendent Holiness
Why The Modern Age Needs The Mass Of Ages
By Peter Kwasniewski

Does the modern Catholic need whispered Latin prayers, elaborate gestures, highly formalized ritual and ancient chants in order to more richly worship God? This Catholic books' premise is a resounding, "YES!" Discover why the traditional Mass is rising in popularity among Catholic young people, and why this development is so very important to a renewal of Catholicism. "...if there is to be a new springtime in the Church, the widespread restoration of the traditional liturgical rites will be at the heart of it." In these pages, the author contrasts the pre and post Vatican Council liturgies, and how the Tridentine rite more adequently expresses the fullness of the faith and nourishes the soul.

Softcover, 346 pages
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