On the Church Militant by St Robert Bellarmine, SJ

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Diffused Throughout the World
By St Robert Bellarmine, S.J.
Translated from the Latin by Ryan Grant
Foreward by Dr. Mike Sirilla
Softcover - 178pp
Printed in USA

St. Robert Bellarmine's theological writings on the Church of Christ constitute an invaluable treasure not only for Catholics, but for the commonweal and eternal salvation of humanity itself. This is no slight exaggeration. His is the very first independent theological and dogmatic treatise on the Church. Patristic and medieval Catholic authors treated on the mystery of the Church, to be sure; but they provided no free-standing treatment de ecclesia. Bellarmines is the first and the best of its kind.

In our day, as the Catholic Church faces questions from both within and without, this classic Catholic book comes back into print to once again give clear answers about the nature of the Church and what it can and cannot do. Place this classic into your cart or wish list above.

Some content includes:
- On the term "Church"
- On the unbaptized
- On heretics and apostates
- On the excommunicated
- On great sinners
- On secret infidels and so much more!