On the Dignity and Vocation of Woman by John Paul II

On the Dignity and Vocation of Woman by John Paul II

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Anniversary Edition
Author: St. John Paul II
Softcover - 142pp

Presently, we find ourselves engaged in an age-old struggle that has provided the perpetual backdrop to human existence. Just two hundred years ago, Napoleons armies were besieging most of Europe, and his ships were harassing vessels and ports around the globe. One hundred years ago, the Great War raged, claiming over 37 million casualties and trampling the hopes of a generation. Many lives have been destroyed since then, leading some to wonder what can be done to help a world bent on self-destruction.

The Church has great confidence in the gifts of womenwho comprise half of the human raceas noted in the closing addresses of the Second Vatican Council: As you know, the Church is proud to have glorified and liberated woman, and in the course of the centuries, in diversity of characters, to have brought into relief her basic equality with man. But the hour is coming, in fact has come, when the vocation of woman is being achieved in its fullness, the hour in which woman acquires in the world an influence, an effect and a power never hitherto achieved. That is why, at this moment when the human race is under-going so deep a transformation, women impregnated with the spirit of the Gospel can do so much to aid mankind in not falling.

This influence is not the kind that military strategists understand, or the sort that world leaders bank on, but its effect is just as real. The feminine genius provides a fascinating counterbalance to the devastating confusion brought about by those who neither fear God nor respect those in his image and likeness. The vocation of woman is to establish sanctuaries of love and life amidst the shattering reverberations of the worlds darker inclinations. In these sanctuaries, the human person and his or her needs are paramount, and the peace therein creates an echo of the divine order itself.

Interestingly, this anniversary of "Mulieris Dignitatem" is also the fortieth anniversary of one of the most destructive Supreme Court rulings in the United States, Roe v. Wade. This decision shattered the peace in the worlds first sanctuarythe mothers wombwhere each human person finds his or her initial welcome into the world. In this hidden oasis, the feminine vocation finds its starting point by nurturing new life through collaboration with man according to the divine plan. Add to the cart or wish list above.