Our Lady of Grace Rosary Pin

Our Lady of Grace Rosary Pin

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Pin includes prayer card
0.5" Oval Pin / Top of pin to bottom of crucifix 2"
10 blue beads and a crucifix - no Our Father bead
Comes carded

O Mother mine, Mother of goodness, love and mercy, I love you infinitely, and I offer myself to you. By means of your goodness, your love and your grace, save me. I desire to be yours. I love you infinitely, and desire you to protect me.

From the depth of my heart I pray you, Mother of goodness, give me your goodness. Let me gain heaven by means of it. I pray you, by your infinite love, to give me the grace so that I may love every man, as you have loved Jesus Christ. I pray you to give me the grace to love your will, which is different to mine.

I offer myself to you completely and desire that you follow my every step. You are full of grace, and I desire that I will neverforget this. And if, by chance, I should lose grace I pray you to restore it to me once more. Amen.