Pio Nono (Pius IX) by E E Y Hales

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A Masterful Study of Pius IX and His Role in Ninteenth-Century European Politics and Religion
By E E Y Hales

Even though the duration of his papal reign has since been eclipsed by that of Pope John Paul II, at the time of his death in 1878 Pope Pius IX had served as pope longer than any pope besides Saint Peter. His papacy, from 1846 until 1878, was the political and religious pivot-point of the nineteenth century.

He was elected pope as the candidate of the politically liberal party in the College of Cardinals. By liberal here we mean those who were sympathetic generally towards the new republican and anti-monarchical leanings of so many leaders and thinkers in those post-enlightenment years; but the violent revolutions of 1848 convinced him that the liberals had far more than merely political ends in mind. In fact, he now believed that the destruction of the Church was their ultimate goal, and for many of the leaders, it was. Because of that, he became, although not by his choice, a political as well as a religious warrior.

Because the position that Pio Nono inherited as Pope was that not only of the universal shepherd of the faithful and vicar of Christ, but also that of a temporal Prince and sovereign, the task of leadership before him was inextricably intertwined with political and revolutionary affairs. The great battles of church and state that dominated that century were, by the grace of God, his to fight. Mr. Hales beautifully and faithfully tells us the story of that battle and Blessed Pio Nonos part in it. Place into the cart or wish list above.

Chapter One: The Liberal Pope and His Inheritance
1. Mastai Ferretti, Bishop, in Pope Gregory XVIs Dominion
2. The Beginnings of LiberalCatholicism
Chapter Two: The Reforming Pope (18461848)
1. Pion Nono, Political Reformer
2. The Pope Becomes a Constitutional Monarch
3. The War Against Austria
4. The Murder of Rossi and Flight of the Pope
Chapter Three: The Revolution (18481849)
1. Mazzini and the Dogma of the People
2. The Roman Republic
Chapter Four: Peace and Reconstruction (18501859)
1. The Restoration of the Two Hierarchies and
the Immaculate Conception
2. Peaceful Development in the Papal State (18501859)
Chapter Five: Turin Versus Rome (18501860)
1. The Religious Aggression in Piedmont (18481856)
2. The War of 1859
3. De Mrode Creates a Volunteer Army
4. Castelfidardo (1860)
Chapter Six: Napoleon and Rome (18601864)
1. Cavour and Pio Nono
2. Napoleon and Pio Nono
3. The Defence of the Patrimony of St. Peter (18621864)
Chapter Seven: Pio Nono Versus Liberalism (18631870)
1. The Syllabus of Errors (1864)
2. The Eclipse of Liberal-Catholicism: Montalembert,
Dlinger, Acton, and Pio Nono (18631865)
3. From the Syllabus to the Vatican Council (18641869)
Chapter Eight: Triumph, Defeat, and Death (18701878)
1. The Vatican Council
2. The Prisoner in the Vatican
Appendix: The Lyons Letters