Reclaiming Catholic Social Teaching by Anthony Esolen

Reclaiming Catholic Social Teaching by Anthony Esolen

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A Defense of the Church's True Teachings on Marriage, Family and the State
Author: Anthony Esolen
Softcover - 193pp

In this Catholic book, author Anthony Esolen pulls back the curtain on false philosophers, showing how they've undermined the authentic teachings of the Church in order to neutralize the biggest threat to their plans for secularization the Catholic Church.

Esolen explains that Catholic Social Teaching isn't focused exclusively on serving the poor. Indeed, it offers us a rich treasure of insights about the nature of man, his eternal destiny, the sanctity of marriage, and the important role of the family in building a coherent and harmonious society.

We must reclaim Catholic Social Teaching if we are to transform our society into the ideal mapped out by the Church: a land of sinners, yes, but one enriched with love of God and neighbor and sustained by the very heart of the Church's social teaching: the most holy Eucharist. Add to the cart or wish list above.