Refuge CD

Refuge CD

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By Sons of Korah
(The Psalms in song)
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The Psalms have been the primary source for the worship traditions of both Judaism and Christianity going right back to ancient times. With their unique acoustic, multi-ethnic sound, Sons of Korah have given this biblical songbook a dynamic and emotive new musical expression. They endeavor to lead their listeners into an impacting encounter with this book that is often described as the "heart" of the bible.

From lamentation to songs of jubilant praise, from battle cry to benediction, from exclamation of awe and wonder to reflections of tranquility and perfect wisdom, Sons of Korah provide a compelling portrait of the world and experience of the Psalms.

Refuge features a complete new selection of Psalms from the "raga" beats of Psalm 79 to the sweet peaceful melody of Psalm 23. Add this to your cart or wish list above.