Remember Your Death by Sr Theresa Aletheia Noble FSP

Remember Your Death by Sr Theresa Aletheia Noble FSP

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Remember Your Death - Lenten Devotion
By Sr. Theresa Aletheia Noble

Put a ceramic skull on one's desk and start tweeting about it? That's right. That's exactly what Sister Theresa did when she began sending out daily reflections on social media about remembering your death, or in Latin Memento Mori. Rooted in ancient tradition, this Lenten devotion is enriched with holy Catholic reflections on human mortality for every day during Lent, Holy Week and Easter. It's a curious thing that by remembering our coming death, we can live Christian lives of greater repentance, conversion and hope for resurrection and glory with God in eternity.

Also includes:
- A unique memento mori examen for the day
- A daily moment of intercessory prayer.
- Daily reflections on death from sources like the Church Fathers and Saints
- Prompts for journaling.

Softcover, 224 pages.
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