Rita Bethany Series

Rita Bethany Series

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St Rita of Cascia
Bethany Saints Visor Clip

Made of genuine pewter.

Daughter of Antonio and Amata Lotti; known as Peacemakers of Jesus, they had Rita late in life. From her early youth, Rita visited the Augustinian nuns at Cascia, and showed interest in a religious life. However, when she was twelve, her parents betrothed her to Paolo Mancini, an ill-tempered, abusive individual who worked as town watchman, and was dragged into the political disputes of the Guelphs and Ghibellines. Disappointed but obedient, Rita married him when she was 18, and was the mother of twin sons.

She put up with Paolo`s abuses for eighteen years before he was ambushed and stabbed to death. Her sons swore vengeance on their father`s killers, but through Rita`s prayers and interventions, they forgave the offenders.

Upon the deaths of her sons, Rita again felt the ca