Robert Pewter Patron Saint Statue

Robert Pewter Patron Saint Statue

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St Robert Statue
Measures 3.5 "

Made of pewter, comes in deluxe gift box with laminated prayer card.

Robert was a member of the nobility in Champagne, a younger son, who entered the abbey of Moutier-la-Celle, near Troyes, at age fifteen and later rose to the status of a prior. He was made the abbot of Saint Michel-de-Tonnerre at some point after the year 1060, but he was unable to reform the abbey, which had become known for its laxity, and so he returned to Moutier-la-Celle. He was later a prior of Saint-Aiyoul.

Some hermits living in the forest of Colan sought Robert out there and asked to be put together under his direction in a new monastery. He obtained the permission of Pope Gregory VII to found a monastery at Molesme in Burgundy in 1075. Initially, the establishment consisted of only huts made of branches surrounding a chapel dedicated to the Holy Trinity in the forest of Molesme. The house quickly became known for its piety and sanctity, and Rob