Saints Who Saw Hell by Paul Thigpen PH.D.

Saints Who Saw Hell by Paul Thigpen PH.D.

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Saints Who Saw Hell: And Other Catholic Witnesses to the Fate of the Damned
By Paul Thigpen

Gnawing worms, fire that never goes out, sheer darkness, and the grinding of teeth. Sound awful? These descriptions are nothing compared to the reality of Hell and what the damned experience. But why would the Saints wish to fill us with such horror with these revelations? To make us love and cling to God even more tightly. In this book discover what the Prophets, Apostles, Saints and even Jesus Himself said about the eternity of separation from God, what we call Hell.

- Scriptural witness.
- Scenes from the 2nd century work, the Apocalypse of St. Peter, the oldest surviving Christian vision of Hell.
- Accounts from Popes and Saints.
- Includes the visions of the children of Fatima, Anne Catherine Emmerich, Saint Faustina and many others!

Hardcover, 216 pages
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