Save Sex For Marriage Wkshp

Save Sex For Marriage Wkshp

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How to save sex for marriage: a family workshop by Ann Gallagher, Alice Heinzen, Rev Richard Hogan, Ruth Taylor MD
No illustrations. This is a workshop for teens and their parents.

Class 1: Prudence is right judgment and knowing the facts
Class 2: Temperance and sexual pressure
Class 3: Practicing justice while having fun
Class 4: Chastity - the right choice - the need for fortitude

This is a Catholic program for education in chastity. It is organized around 3 topics; theology-cardinal virtues, health, and relationships. It is not intended as a single religious curriculum. It is to be presumed that a sound religious program already exists.

This program does not only focus on imparting knowledge, but rather on changing and re-enforcing positive behaviors. For this reason, it has a number of lessons and material regarding alcohol, drugs, and smoking. It is not enough to talk about the dangers of early sexual experience without teaching students about other risky behaviors which can harm them.