Signs of the Holy One by Fr Michael Lang

Signs of the Holy One by Fr Michael Lang

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Liturgy, Ritual and Expression of the Sacred
Author: Fr. Michael Lang
Softcover - 177pp

Catholic liturgy is far more than its texts. It is a synthesis that also includes several other elementsgesture, music, art, and architecturewhich are aspects of the non-verbal language of the sacred and are what make the liturgy beautiful.

Father Langs consideration of the beauty of the liturgy addresses the modern notion that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that the experience of beauty is entirely subjective. This idea makes it difficult to articulate criteria for what is beautiful, yet sacred liturgy does indeed have objective measures for evaluating its principal elements. Reflecting upon these and quoting from authoritative Church documents, Father Lang discusses sacred music, art, and architecture, and demonstrates how the beauty of these elements makes present the sacred.

Pope Benedict XVI said, The greatness of the liturgy dependswe shall have to repeat this frequentlyon its non-spontaneity. Continuous liturgical experimentation is unable to induce a sense of meaning or peace, writes Father Lang, because novelty does not satisfy the yearning for the Transcendent within the human psyche, which is rarely far from the surface. Add to the cart or wish list above.