Sing-a-Long Songs for Children DVD

Sing-a-Long Songs for Children DVD

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By Pro Multis Media
Time: 53 Minutes

This outstanding collection of songs has been providing the little ones with a solid introduction to the foundations of the Catholic Faith for generations.  Now, for the first time, the big truths in these little songs come to DVD.  Illustrated with traditional Catholic childrens art, and accompanied by on screen lyrics, "Sing-a-long Songs for Catholic Children" will help young children with their catechism, as well as their reading, while they sing! Place into the cart or wish list above.

Some tracks include:
1. Morning Offering
2. Who made the world?
3. Why did God make us?
4. Three Persons in One God
5. Gather 'round the crib at Christmas
6. Mary is My Mother, Too
7. Look out little one
8. Jesus our redeemer
9. I believe in the Catholic Church
10. Apostle's Creed
11. Ten Commandments
12. Works of Mercy
13. Daniel in the lion's den
14. God lives in me
15. I'm a soldier in Christ's army
16. The living Christ
17. Whose sins you shall forgive
18. Why do we tip our hats to a priest?
19. For better for worse
20. Extreme unction
21. In the eyes of God
22. I assist at Mass