Singing with Mary and the Saints CD

Singing with Mary and the Saints CD

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Gregorian Chant Schola of Saint John Abbey and University
Fr Anthony Ruff - Conductor

Produced by Fr. Anthony Ruff, OSB and Gerry Stinson

The Blessed Virgin Mary is venerated with great love by the Catholic faithful, and she and the saints are honored for their virtue and prayed to for assistance in daily life. All veneration of Mary and the saints and meant to lead the Christian more closely to Jesus Christ, our only Savior and the source of all grace. All liturgical worship in the Church is addressed to the Trinity Father, Son, and Holy Spirit even as the liturgical year calls to mind Mary and saints on specific feast days.

In this album we sing with Mary and the saints, starting with the feast of the Annunciation in which the angel announced to the Virgin Mary that she would bear Jesus, and then singing through the church year and marking the saints on their individual feast days, culminating with the feast of All Saints Day on November 1st. There are chants from the Mass (introit = entrance chant; offertorium = offertory chant; communio = communion chant) and from the Liturgy of the Hours or Divine Office (hymns, responsories, antiphons for the canticles Benedictus from morning prayer and Magnificat from evening prayer.) Add to the cart or wish list above.

1. Ave, Maria (Hail, Mary) Annunciation
2. Ecce, virgo (Behold a virgin) Annunciation
3. Hymnis angelicis (With angelic hymns) St. Scholastica
4. Iustus germinabit (The just will blossom) St. Joseph
5. Hodie sanctus Benedictus (Today St. Benedict) St. Benedict
6. Tu, puer (You, O child) St. John the Baptist
7. Tu es pastor (You are shepherd) SS Peter and Paul
8. Ignem veni mittere (I came to cast fire) St. Ignatius Loyola
9. Beatus iste sanctus (Blessed this saint) St. Domnic
10. Qua ergo femina (For as a woman) St. Hildegard
11. Magna est gloria (Great is the glory) St. Matthew
12. Vivo autem ego (I still live) St. Francis Assisi
13. Vos qui secuti estis (You who have followed) St. Luke
14. Gaudeamus (Let us rejoice) All Saints
15. Gospel of Matthew, All Saints
16. Q quam gloriosum (O how glorious) All Saints