Son of God Book forwarded by Roma Downey

Son of God Book forwarded by Roma Downey

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The Life of Jesus Christ in Pictures
Forwarded by Roma Downey
Hardcover / 112pp

For a brief span of time the SON OF GOD walked among us, ate with us, laughed and cried with us. Jesus, God Himself, became one of us, and ultimately died for us. He gave his life for our sins and on the third day rose again, so that we might rise again from the death of sin and live with him forever.

Now, with SON OF GOD: The Life of Jesus Christ in Pictures, immerse yourself in that time. Witness his miracles, listen to his divine teachings, and walk with him on the road to Calvary as he carries out the redemptive plan for mankind.

In these pages, read informative and inspiring profiles of key biblical figures. And discover the background and meaning of key events from Jesus life, including his . . .

Birth in a manger
Baptism in the Jordan
Calling of Peter
Sermon on the Mount
Miraculous healings
Rising of Lazarus
Institution of the Eucharist
Passion and Death
Triumphant Resurrection
And much more

Featuring more than 50 full color photographs from the major motion picture SON OF GOD and a Foreword by producer and star Roma Downey, this life of Christ is a beautiful, inspirational, and devotional journey with Jesus from his humble birth to his passion and death to his triumphant resurrection. Add this powerful Catholic book to your cart or wish list above.